Recent Projects From the Washington Area

A project is rarely too small or too grand for me — I just love to see the finished product. My dedication is providing the highest quality work. This is reflected by my passion and success in making a positive difference in my clients’ lives. Check out some of my recent successes and get inspiration for your next project.


 Garbage Disposal 

How long have you been living with that broken or clogged garbage disposal? It’s time for a call to M&M Handyman Services plumbing team to resolve that problem quickly and efficiently. Our technicians will also help you put best practices in place to keep your in-sink garbage disposal working safely and properly.


Drywall Repair

One of the projects we’re most proud of. It was a huge success. The biggest challenge was making widespread changes to the space while simultaneously focusing on the finer, more precise details of the renovation. From start to finish, it was fun to add both function and style, making this property even more beautiful.


Gutter Cleaning Services

A job done correctly. It improved the home’s efficiency, offering more functionality, enhanced space-saving, and ensured less future maintenance requirements. This was one of my most challenging and enjoyable projects, because it was an iterative process in which the client was involved with every step. Check out the end result for yourself!


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